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Spay and Neuter/ Surgical Instructions for admission and discharge

Due to COVID19, our admission process for surgical procedures has been updated to better serve our clients and patients. We ask that ALL clients please wait in their vehicle until an OSN staff member can check your pet in for surgery. Please pull into one of the 8 spaces directly in front of our building. If all of the 8 parking spaces are filled at the time of your arrival, then please form a line in your vehicle, at the painted STOP on the ground (there is no standing stop sign) directly behind the 8 parking spaces, near the middle island of palm trees. As a space opens up you may pull forward. Once you are parked in one of 8 spaces, an OSN team member will approach your car and check your pet in for surgery.

Please be prepared for a wait. The check in process ON AVERAGE, may take up to an hour. Regardless of the check in time, ALL patients will be admitted on the day of your scheduled surgical appointment.

Due to the pandemic, we are doing our best to ensure the safety of our clients, staff members and our patients. Please be courteous while we work as efficiently as possible to check in all surgical patients. Thank you for being kind to the staff and other pet owners. Thank you for your patience and we will see you soon.

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