Surgical Info


If your pet is scheduled for a surgery, you may print the questionnaire and anesthetic consent at home and pre-fill them out for your convenience. Please do NOT sign and date until you are here for surgical admission on your scheduled appointment day.

Surgical Questionnaire and Anesthetic Consent- English

Surgical Questionnaire & Consent- Spanish

The day of your appointment, you will receive a text message after your pet is out of surgery with a discharge time, typically between 2-4:30pm. Your pick up can be as early as 2pm, or later than 4:30pm depending on how your pet is recovering from the anesthesia. We try to stagger discharge times throughout the afternoon in an attempt to minimize your wait time. Please arrive at the discharge time you are provided.

For more information on how to take care of your pet after they have had a surgical procedure at Ontario Spay and Neuter, click a link below.

Post Surgical Care

Instrucciones Postoperatorio

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